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  Download Progressive Final-REV final.pdf Progressive Zimbabwe
Author: ZI
Published Date: 13/09/2007
An alternative policy programme based on social democratic principles as proposed by the Zimbabwe Institute to end the economic crisis in Zimbabwe

Author: ZI
Published Date: 30/09/2007
This background paper discusses the requirements for a future economic programme for Zimbabwe and is prepared as a background document for the comprehensive Progressive Zimbabwe programme

  The Labour Market, Sustainable Growth and Transformation in Zimbabwe
Author: ZI
Published Date: 13/09/2007
A Labour paper written in support of the Progressive Zimbabwe economic document

  Download Remittances Paper.pdf Remittance Strategies of Zimbabweans in Northern England
Author: ZI/Leeds University
Published Date: 20/01/2009
This paper reports on the work of University of Leeds research into the remittance strategies of Zimbabweans living in Northern England in 2008. On the basis of new primary data collected through a community survey and long interviews we shed light on the scale, scope, organization, and implications of remitting.

  Download MDC_policies_A5.pdf Values, Goals and Policies of the MDC
Author: MDC
Published Date: 01/12/2003

  Download Progressive Zimbabwe Final.pdf Progressive Zimbabwe - Sustainable Growth and Transformation
Author: ZI
Published Date: 18/09/2007
This document provides a blueprint for the economic recovery of Zimbabwe. This is the Zimbabwe Institutes contribution to the search for a resolution of the crisis in Zimbabwe. We hope that the new inclusive government, political parties, civil society groups will consider the key tenets of programme in coming up with the new economic programme to turn around the economy of Zimbabwe.

  Download RESTART.pdf RESTART
Author: MDC
Published Date: 01/02/2004
The MDC's policy blueprint for economic recovery

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