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  Download FinalZimbabwedelegationreport.doc Zimbabwe delegation presentation
THE ZIMBABWE CONSTITUTION-MAKING PROCESS Zimbabwe delegation: Hon M P Mangwana(Zanu PF) Hon D Mwonzora(MDC T) Mr J Mhambi(MDC) Presented to the Africa Regional Conference on Constitutionalism and Constitutional Reforms in Africa Maputo 19-21 September 2011.

  Download ExchangeVisitKenyaandGhanaReport1492011.doc Exchange visit report
Multi-Stakeholders Regional Exchange Workshop on Constitutional Reforms: Harare, Zimbabwe (4-5 July 2011)

  Download GPAReviewMarch2011.pdf GPA Review
Two years of political inclusivity in Zimbabwe? A review of the Global Political Agreement Government

  Download ElectionsBriefing1.pdf Elections briefing
2011 General Elections in Zimbabwe: A Panacea to Zimbabwe's Political and Governance Challenges?

  Download NANGOPresentationNov2010.pdf Nango presentation
New Initiatives in the Democratisation of Zimbabwe: Visionary Leaderhip and Strategic Consideration in Civil Society Activism

  Download ScenarioPlanning1.pdf Scenario planning
Exploring New Directions on the Future of Zimbabwe GPA s interim government has been characterised by a battle for state control. The government has also been starved of investment and development assistance and this has challenged the ability of the two MDC formations to deliver. The issue of economic recovery and international assistance poses the challenge on the way forward.

  Download Restore.pdf RESTORE! Holding Genuine, Democratic Elections in Zimbabwe Essential to Restore True Democracy
Published Date: 01/09/2007
This document provides a blueprint for the restoration of democracy in Zimbabwe by the holding of free and fair elections. This is the Zimbabwe Institutes contribution to the search for a resolution of the crisis in Zimbabwe. We hope that political parties, civil society groups in Zimbabwe and the SADC dialogue process will embrace these principles as a key block to the resolution of the crisis in Zimbabwe.

  Download Progressive Zimbabwe discussion with major players.pdf Progressive Zimbabwe: Sustainable Growth & Transformation Discussion with Major Players
Published Date: 29/09/2007
The task of this paper is to enquire and assess the peoples views and what they are prescribing their Progressive Zimbabwe to be like for future generations.

  Download Labour market and sustainable growth.pdf The labour market and sustainable growth and transformation in Zimbabwe
Published Date: 29/09/2007
Traditional approaches to development, such as the Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) have largely seen the labour market as a factor market, whose fortunes are intricately linked to those of the commodity markets and hence the notion of the derived demand for labour. However, lessons from experience suggest that the link between growth, employment and poverty reduction may not exist in the marketplace and is therefore not automatic.

  Download Local_Government_Paper.pdf The Zimbabwe Local Government : Policy Review
Author: Zimbabwe Local Government : Policy Review

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