Tsvangirai promises compensation for victims of political violence

Published: 09/10/2011

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said his party will compensate
victims of political violence and make the perpetrators accountable for
their deeds if he defeats President Robert Mugabe in next year’s elections.

Addressing hundreds of party supporters at Maungwa Business centre in Gutu
at the memorial service of the late Public Service minister, Professor,
Eliphas Mukonoweshuro yesterday, Tsvangirai said the MDC-T government will
make sure that Zanu PF militia, who were responsible for political violence,
will be punished.

Mukonoweshuro, who was also the legislator for Gutu South constituency, died
in South Africa after he suffered heart complications.“An MDC-T government
will not ignore victims of political violence.

For those who were beaten, raped, had property looted or destroyed, we are
making a commitment to heal their wounds,” said Tsvangirai. “Those who were
killed, we will take care of their children. This is a commitment we will
make and we will follow up on it. We have got the records of those

The MDC-T has said at least 200 of its supporters were killed by suspected
Zanu PF activists during the violent 2008 elections. The Premier said the
perpetrators of political violence would be brought to book.

“We cannot just be silent and let the villains celebrate their actions,” he
said. Tsvangirai said his party has been at the receiving end of political
violence at all elections and warned of more violence in the decisive
winner-takes-all elections to be held in the near future. The MDC-T leader
urged President Robert Mugabe to rein in his party supporters, whom he said
fanned violence before, during and after polls.

“We all know who brings the violence to our areas but Zanu PF should
discipline its members,” said Tsvangirai. “Mugabe should walk his talk when
he says no to violence.”

Mugabe has on several forums condemned political violence but has never been
able to rein in his supporters. Zanu PF supporters recently beat up people
at the official opening of Parliament and invaded private properties in many
towns with impunity.
Tsvangirai also condemned state institutions which he said were now
instigating violence against defenceless citizens.

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