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Keep up the ideas flowing guys. What Zimbabwe needs is a pool of dedicated people with constructive ideas which is unfortunately lacking at the moment.
Submitted on Wednesday, November 03, 2004 by Wonderful Mudukuti

I think the region needs to come together to take a stand on issues of democracy and human rights in Africa. Initiatives like the ZI are welcomed. All the best. Zoleka Mtsi, South Africa
Submitted on Thursday, August 12, 2004 by Zoleka Mtsi

Good luck and lets hope things start to take a turn for the better in Zimbabwe soon!!
Submitted on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 by Steve Van Der Walt

Zimbabwe is currently at the crossroads and is in dire need of pragmatic and sustainable solutions to its plethora of problems. The founding of organization will hopefully facilitate the search for these much needed solutions.
Submitted on Monday, June 14, 2004 by Zivanai Mudukuti



Editorial Comment: Banks must rely on mobilising savings and lending, not fees
06/06/2012 - The Herald Online
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Zimbabwe Orders Mining Firms to Bank Locally
18/03/2012 - Nelson Banya , HARARE (Reuters)
Zimbabwe Orders Mining Firms to Bank Locally
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Insights into Revised Draft Constitution
18/03/2012 - The Sunday Mail , The Sunday Mail
Insights into revised draft constitution Sunday, 18 March 2012 10:13 A Copac outreach team member addresses a meeting during the public consultation phase of the constitution-making process Following the publication of the first draft of the proposed new constitution produced by the Constitution Select Committee, the drivers of the constitution-making process were forced to go back to the drawing board to review the contentious provisions. Among such provisions were proposals around the tenure of the President and the appointment of senior public officials. Copac has refined most of the clauses in the initial draft and will table its progress report to the management committee tomorrow after which the refined document will be presented to the inclusive Government principals for scrutiny. Today, we publish excerpts of the latest document, comparing new provisions and those captured in the first draft. For the full text, visit:
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Chinese investors accused of unfair business practice
09/10/2011 - , The Zimnbabwe Standard
AICO Africa Ltd, one of the leading companies in the countrys cotton sector, says it lost millions of dollars because of unfair business practices by Chinese investors who he accused of clandestinely buying cotton from contracted farmers. In an interview in Washington DC on Thursday, Pat Devenish, Aico group chief executive officer told Standardbusiness his company lost about US$10 million dollars last year after Sino-Zimbabwe allegedly purchased cotton from farmers contracted by the local industry.
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Tsvangirai promises compensation for victims of political violence
09/10/2011 - , The Zimnbabwe Standard
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has said his party will compensate victims of political violence and make the perpetrators accountable for their deeds if he defeats President Robert Mugabe in next years elections.
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Tough times ahead for Zimbabwe's farmers
09/10/2011 - ,
Commercial farmers in Zimbabwe this week issued a damning outlook of the coming agricultural season, saying the future of the sector was gloomy, with dismal statistics on productivity on farms and an uptick in violence a challenge.
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